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Providing Quality Showroom Space in the heart of our Market!
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Hamilton Wrenn Design District
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2012  APRIL 21 - April 26                                OCTOBER 13  - OCT 18
2013  APRIL 20 - April 25                                OCTOBER 19  - OCT 24
2014  APRIL 05 - April 10                                OCTOBER 18  - OCT 23
2015  APRIL 18 - April 23                                OCTOBER 17  - OCT 22

Market Week's Premier Entertainment Event!
Location: "Center Stage" is the large parking lot in front of IHFC
Doors open at 7 pm and concerts begin at 7:30 pm
Free Food and Beverages!

Market is "Business Casual". Include comfortable walking shoes and always bring a jacket & umbrella.
October temps range from low 40's at night to high 60's & 70's.
April temps also range from 40's at night and 60-70's in the day.
Medical / First Aid: The HOPE UNIT HOSPITAL BUS is located in the central showroom district and there is a first aid station located in the lower level Wrenn St., IHFC.